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William J. Dionne, Executive Director.

Supports the efforts of older people to remain in their own homes, living independently and safely with dignity. Advocacy/mediation with government, medical bureaucracies, landlords, utilities. Financial management for clients needing it to remain in their homes; entitlements counseling; telephone reassurance. Intervention provided through six programs:

  • The Walk-in Unit provides services to those elderly who are well enough to leave their homes;
  • The Homebound Unit provides services to the more ill and frail elderly;
  • The Community Elder Mistreatment and Abuse Prevention Program  offers assistance to victims of elder abuse for anyone residing above 59th Street.
  • The Volunteer Services for the Elderly of Yorkville offers services by volunteers, such as friendly visits, medical escorts and 'Tel-a-friend.'
  • The Carter Burden Luncheon Club and Senior Program, which provides daily lunches/socialization to the area's well elderly and home-delivered meals to the more ill and frail elderly.

  • The C.V. Starr Adult Day Services, a day program for older adults who are experiencing memory loss. This program accepts clients from the entire metropolitan area.

Eligibility criteria: persons (age 60+) residing between 57th-96th Streets (5th Avenue to the East River) unless otherwise noted.

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