404 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003

AICH was founded and is staffed by American Indians to serve and assist the American Indian people of New York City. Spiritual and cultural support are integral parts of AICH's recovery programs.

  • Alcohol/Substance Abuse Program. Contact: Nancy Stremmel, Program Director. Individual and group counseling; education, prevention and referral. AICH administers an alcoholism/substance abuse prevention program in New York City and a satellite program upstate near the Onondaga reservation. Strongly focused on group counseling, these programs offer a sense of community support helpful to native people in overcoming their problems.

  • American Indian Law Alliance, Legal Services. Contact: Tonya Gonnella-Frichner, Esq. Legal consultation regarding divorce, property distribution and child custody in light of the Indian Child Welfare Act. Legal referral to pro bono attorneys specializing in domestic relations.

  • Job Training and Placement Administration (JTPA) Program. Contact: Latanya Hutchins, Program Director. Educational services for the Native American preparing for a career and the job market. Interviewing skills; resume writing; GED, computer classes; job training referrals; job placement and other services.

  • Food and Clothing Bank. Maintained entirely through donations, the food and clothing bank is for community members faced with emergencies.

  • Health. Contact: Anthony Hunter, R.N., Program Director. Community health representatives add a personal touch and Native American expertise to the various health and social service emergencies affecting the community. Health education; medical/dental referrals; community outreach; development of Native American specific programs; referral; advocacy; assessment.

  • HIV/AIDS Project. Contact: Curtis Harris, Program Director. In response to the climbing numbers of HIV and AIDS-affected persons in Indian communities in Turtle Island and New York City, the Project incorporates existing AICH Health programs as well as peer counseling support groups, skills-building workshops and sexually-transmitted disease (STD) information. Referral and case management services to drug/alcohol programs, STD clinics, HIV antibody test sites, and health and mental health care facilities. All services confidential; off-site appointments can be scheduled.

  • Turtle Discovery Center. A school for Native American children (ages 2-5). Many of the students go on to private schools on scholarship.

Payments accepted: FREE.
Eligibility criteria: Native American.
Languages (other than English): Spanish.
Wheelchair access.

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